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Signs & Banners

Sacramento Sign Shop - SIGNS & BANNERS

You know election season is usually a very interesting time for us here in the capital city of the greatest state in the country. We get all sorts of candidates coming in and asking us for signs and banners. We are not going to name names or anything like that, but we do have to say there are times where it is tough to be a professional, but we pull through! There are a couple of things though that we think it is important to highlight about this particular service. First of all, there is no one universal sign format. We can create all sorts of signs and really allow you to get creative with your ad campaign!

Don’t Worry About The Terminology Or Anything Like That

Over the years we have seen that clients tend to have a hard time explaining what they want. So this kind of makes them shy them away from us. We are not in a hurry to get a sign done unless you happen to be in a hurry. You can give us a call and let us know kind of the idea that you have in mind. Based on that we will be able to create a design to see if we are getting on the same page.

We Have A Couple Of Color Schemes On File

If you happen to be associated with a political party or a real estate agency and you need us to create a sign for you the process could be fairly easy. We have had clients from all of the major real estate firms in the state. So at times all we are going to need to do is change the name and number and get it printed out. Working with us can also be a quick experience. As we mentioned we are in a hurry if you are in a hurry! Plus, we can give you great deals if you happen to need a large number of signs printed out and vinyl billboards!

Banner Design

To be honest we do cringe at times when we see a lot of the banners that are still being used out there that don’t seem to have been created with a lot of imagination. We understand that you may be going for a traditional look but that does not mean that you have to keep the creativity in the closet. Going with different color schemes is not something that is going to overly alter the price of the banner. We do this to encourage you to get creative!

Proper Tool For Banner Installation

If you want your banner to really be able to stand out having it installed correctly is key. A lot of times what happens is that people will just have it printed out and poke holes in it and hope that this will be enough. We literally go out of our way to teach you if need be, how to properly install the banner so that it can actually be an effective asset for your publicity efforts!