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Car Wraps

Pasting of car with carbonic vinyl wrap closeup. Various vehicle details in Southern California.

Car wraps have become now, a main staple and a viable option to decorate any type of vehicle. Whether it be for marketing purposes or just to make one bold statement with your car. To be honest, if you were to have told us decades ago that sign shops would be in charge of this type of material we would have thought it odd. These days though we have staff members that have been working with car wraps for a long time. They understand the importance of applying the material with care to ensure that the vehicle is evenly covered up. Designing custom car wraps is one of the more intriguing aspects of our business as well!

Custom Car Wraps For Marketing

Your marketing efforts can now go way beyond the regular billboard or a couple of window graphics. Our car wraps for marketing are really interesting because they allow you to play a lot with the type of look that you ultimately want to have. Some people will use the opportunity to wrap up their car completely to make it look like a driving billboard. In other cases, a more subtle approach may also be in order. We can walk all over that line and find what could suit you the best!

Guaranteed Quality Materials

Some lower quality marketing agencies and other businesses that could be considered our competitors have actually tried their hand and developing their own materials. When it comes to marketing wraps, for example, they will develop the entire wrap on their own. We don’t want to mess with the quality of the products at all. What we do is that we have a great relationship with a major manufacturer that is constantly shipping quality materials our way. If we need to print out any custom wrap we will send the design over to them. That way you as a customer know you are getting brand name quality every time!

Custom Colors You Won’t Find At Your Local Auto Shop

Since we have that close relationship with the manufacturers we are able to give you a wider set of options. It is really as simple as that. We could literally design a color and texture pattern and then have it delivered only days later. If you have had a hard time finding that exact look that you have in mind for your car we do encourage you to give us a call.

It’s Better Than A New Paint Job

Car wraps are the best way to actually preserve your original paint job. The wrap is going to completely cover the paint so it won’t be exposed to the natural wear and tear that any typical paint job would have. You will have the option to play around with the color and look that your car has without having to repaint the vehicle numerous times. The wrap comes off as easily as it comes on. It is really a great option to explore if you are into customization.