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When you are thinking about putting up a sign you really have to make sure that what you ultimately put up can represent you well. There is a lot of messages that you are going to be sending with that sign. That is why we believe that getting the proper company to work on the project ends up being so important. We just so happen to be the best Sign Shop in Sacramento California and we know a thing or two that could really help you out!

About Us 

Whenever you are going to be working with a company that you expect to deliver some type of design you really should want to know what they have done before. You have to remember though that in order to create a proper design both us and you as our client have to be in sync. Getting an idea from your head onto a paper and then to reality is a tough process that requires quite a bit of work. In our case, we are able to incorporate great designs with materials that are perfectly fit to handle the wear and tear of being outdoors. In other cases, we will make sure that signs are perfectly safe indoors as well. Overall what you can say about is that we can adapt to any circumstances that you put in front of us!


    Our Services

    The one thing that tends to surprise people when they give us a call or when they get a chance to visit us is the number of things that we can build for them. We can create neon signs for the outdoors. Custom vinyl signs are also an indoor favorite. If you are looking for window graphics in Sacramento we happen to be the best sign company nearby as well as far away! When you give us a call we want to make sure that you grasp all of the different things that we could do for you.

    Sacramento Sign Shop - OUTDOOR SIGNS 2
    Sacramento Sign Shop - INDOOR SIGNS 2
    Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car. Selective focus.

    Outdoor Signs

    Picking the right type of sign for your business is very important. One thing that we’ve talked about and that we want to bring back into the mix of things is the fact that you need that balance between a good design and great materials that are built to last. If you are looking for custom lighted business signs Sacramento has the best of them right here. Yet, finding what works for you may be easier said than done. We have all the time in the world though to help you out!

    Indoor Signs

    These signs can come in all shapes and sizes. From the sings that will indicate where everything is inside a building or store to painted signs that are going to go up on the walls. You are probably going to hear us talk a lot about that perfect fit. Since we believe that everyone is kind of looking for it being versatile as a company really works out. Even indoor signs that are not going to be seen by everyone passing by have the potential to say something about your business. That is why they shouldn’t be taken lightly!

    Sacramento Sign Shop - WINDOW GRAPHICS 2
    Sacramento Sign Shop - SIGNS & BANNERS 2
    Car Wraps

    Car Wraps

    Some people may think that this is a little out of our element, but on the contrary. We can pretty much design and implement any type of thing that is meant to promote your business. That is why we have gotten into car wraps. They work great as a way to get some extra exposure for your brand. Yet, you really should get some people who know how to attach them onto your vehicles correctly. As with all of the signs that we put it a car wrap that is not properly installed can say more negative things than positive things about your business. We can keep things on the positive side.

    Window Graphics

    For most businesses taking a marker and writing out their monthly sale prices on the windows is going to look tacky. Again, our window graphics services are built to allow you to represent your business the right way. In that mindset we can provide a multitude of options for you to choose from so that ultimately you are comfortable with the design that you are putting out there.

    Sacramento Sign Shop - SIGNS & BANNERS
    Sacramento Sign Shop - OUTDOOR SIGNS

    Signs & Banners

    Banners can be a great way to get people’s attention. Unfortunately, there is a thin line between looking like it was made by school kids for the spring dance and truly professionally made banner that can attract customers. Some of our banners are actually capable of going on billboards thanks to the quality and resolution with which they are printed out. A couple more pixels can turn out to make a world of a difference when it comes to large scale projects!

    Vinyl Billboards

    Billboard advertising is being considered by some a thing of the past. What we believe is that with people having that mindset it actually opens a huge window of opportunity for quality billboards. The reason that we say is, that you can probably get a billboard in a good location at a better price than what it would have cost five or ten years ago. With the proper billboard design and materials, you can really make an impact that still can be delivered by this particular type of advertising.

    “Quality signs truly turned my business around. It was until I found the guys at Sacramento Sign Shop that I felt comfortable with the type of design and materials that were being used. If you want to work with the best give them a call!" – Sean G.

    “Working with the guys Sacramento Sign Shop is the best. You come in with even a vague idea and they will work their magic so that you can leave with the best sign that you could have possibly had created for your shop!” – Peter Y.

    “I really didn’t realize the number of indoor signs that I was going to need for my store. When I got a quote from one company I literally flipped in my chair. Luckily I found Sacramento Sign Shop and they were literally able to take care of me from start to finish at a very reasonable price!” – Ronda O.

    Contact Us Today

    If some of the things that we talked about on this page happen to interest you don’t hesitate to call or contact us. That way you can get a chance to ask us any questions that you may have about the way that we work and hopefully get closer to impacting your audience!